Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How much do YOU love Chick-fil-A????

I'm sure everyone knows that tomorrow is the grand opening of the Chick-fil-A in Fort Mill. But did you know that the first 150 people served get a year of free Chick -fil-A? Well, this morning about 9am, we were passing the restaurant and noticed several tents pitched in the parking lot. It was 41 degrees outside, and these people were sitting in the cold, planning to wait all day and all night just to be first in line tomorrow morning. So, my question is . . . Who out there loves Chick-Fil-A that much??? Do you??? By the way my 5 year old does, he wanted to go get our tents, but not this Mommy!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a perfect day!

Yesterday really was a near perfect day. It was Jason's birthday, but also a holiday, so we just pretended that they cancelled school for his birthday! The weather was GORGEOUS, so we went to the park -- we walked, rode bikes, played on the playground, jumped in mud puddles, ate a picnic with our shoes off, and flew a kite. And when the day was over, we ordered Chinese take-out!!! Days like this are definitely a blessing -- Is it greedy to want another one? Isaiah rolling down the hill
Don always loves it when Jason is home for the day
Look at that sky!
Yum, peanut butter and jelly!
I think Jason had more fun with the kite than the kids did
My little sweety pie
Palmer in full sprint

Monday, February 18, 2008

More birthday fun

Palmer now thinks every day is his birthday. We probably sing the Happy Birthday song once a day every day. We had his little party with just us on January 20th. We had a Valentine's party on February 14th. We had Isaiah's family party on February 15th. We had the real birthday party for both of the boys on February 16th. So every day now he thinks we should put candles in our food. And he does not get the concept that his birthday really is over and has been for quite some time. Anytime anyone has a birthday, he thinks he gets one too. Oh well, I guess that would be our fault. To top it all off -- today really is Jason's birthday. Happy Birthday Honey!!!!!
I think I'll take a nap with Emily
maybe not!
My sister's precious daughter -- Allie

me, my grandmother, and my mom with Palmer Isaiah and Allie

Happy Birthday to you (again)
me, Jason's grandmother,and his mom with the boys

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Parenting in the Spirit

Okay, I have to admit, being around my wonderful children all day every day sometimes wears me thin. I am so thankful and so very blessed to be able to be home with them, I know. I would not change this for the world. However, there are many, many days when I have little patience for whining, fighting, crying, neediness, arguing . . . you get the point. Out of necessity, I get up around 5:30ish every morning (almost) to be up before my children. I pray for patience. I ask God to help me see my children as He does and to deal with them gently, as He would. Still, most days I feel I am a total failure when it comes to being patient with my children. BUT . . . every now and then I have a day when I just KNOW that I was not parenting out of my own strength, but that God did it all. And it is SOOO wonderful!!! I only wish that every day He would just hijack my mind and my mouth and just get it right for me. Anyway, the past 2 days have been such a blessing and a wonderful reminder that God works through His children in big and small ways. And life is so much more peaceful when He is in control.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pictures from the beach

Lenna took her first steps this weekend!
God's sandbox

All tired out!

God's timing is amazing. A couple of weeks ago, Terri and I planned to take the kids to the beach while our husbands were working over the weekend. Little did I know then, how much I would need a vacation. This past week was really hard because one of the twins I keep was very sick and in the hospital. All of the kids have missed him, and I know it's been hard on his brother. I've been worried about Scotty and his family. He gave everyone a scare and ended up in ICU by mid-week. Thankfully, he is recovering. Friday, we found out that the twins won't be able to stay here anymore, however because Scotty can't risk being around other kids and all the yucky germs. So the week ended on a really sad note. We're all gonna miss having them with us. So... We really needed a break this weekend, and my friend Terri let us go to the beach with her. It was so nice to be away from reality for awhile. There is just something about the salt air and being near the ocean that changes your perspective. It just helps me realize that even though we don't understand everything -- God knows. He is always in control and his plan is always for our good.