Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Have a House!

Praise the Lord -- we found a house! We're very excited and very ready to move. Please pray that everything goes smoothly with the selling of our current home. We're all set to close on this house and our new one on the same day. So the stress levels are high, but at least it will done quickly (we're hoping). We're still working on the closing date, but it should be around the end of this month. So. . . I will probably not be posting very consistently. I'll be busy packing and praying :) But, maybe I will finally get my long awaited new camera and be able to show some pictures one day!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Monday!

I can't believe tomorrow is another Monday! Last week flew by and I did not get to post. We are very busy with school and we're in the process of trying to sell our home and purchase a new one. It's very exciting, but stressful. I am thankful that we did not have to show it very many times before we got an offer. It is almost impossible to get a house clean enough to show a potential buyer (much less keep it that way) when you have little ones. But thankfully, and by the grace of God the sale seems to be moving quickly so far. Who knows what lies ahead, but I'm trusting and hoping for good things or at least the ability to handle "not so good" things if they come up. However, It would be nice to have a nursery to put this new baby in (and I think Lenna would appreciate not having to share a room with her big brothers). So. . . we're praying for a quick and painless move :)