Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Fun

My husband has been giving me a hard time about not putting any new pictures on my blog. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just a little busy :) Here are some pictures of the baby at the beach, my sister's visit, more school pictures, and photos of the kids turning the sand box into a very tiny swimming pool (Jason, you were right about the sand!) The kids and I begged Jason to buy sand this Summer. He said it would be a mess and wouldn't last a month. After sweeping the patio a million times and after telling the kids to STOP playing with the water hose and turning the sand box into a mud pit one hundred times and after treating fifty loads of laundry with Oxyclean, I finally admit . . . I was wrong . . . Jason was right. The sand is now at the bottom of the sliding board. However, it has been turned to mud a time or two in this location also. I give up. . . children obviously LOVE mud!
baby Jude at the beach
Our precious little girl

The sand box is now a water box

Palmer scrubbing hard

Isaiah was in charge of getting all the sand in one spot below the slide

The construction crew

Palmer dressed as royalty to celebrate Purim which we learned about while studying Queen Esther

My niece Allie with us at the Y

Me and my sister being lazy at the Y (seriously, we had 5 kids with us, so there wasn't very much relaxing going on, but it was fun).
Hope everyone else is having a wonderful summer. Thank you LORD for the sunshine and the rain!

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Amanda said...

We have the same problem with the sand! Why can't they just play with it in the sandbox???